Cold-Pressed Juice Box


We make fresh juice. It’s made from organic and local produce — cold-pressed and unpasteurised. It tastes great. And it will make you feel really good too. When you drink cold-pressed juice, you’re flooding your body with a high dose of antioxidant-rich nutrients and enzymes, supporting your immune system and helping to eliminate bloating. Our cold-pressed juice boxes also make for a wonderful gift in place of flowers for anyone needing some extra energy. Drink the rainbow!

This cold-pressed juice box contains:

  • 6 x 250ml bottles of the freshest cold-pressed juices we have available on your day of delivery. 
  • You will receive a maximum of two of any singular cold-pressed juice.


Please note 2 days notice required

  • All Cold-Pressed Juice Boxes are now sent out by evening courier at no additional cost (provided you live within our delivery radius). Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius
  • Delivery is available Monday evening to Friday evening, (excluding public holidays).
  • The bottles - we sanitise and reuse these. Please rinse and return to Little Bird Kitchen for a $1 per bottle cafe credit*. Credit must be redeemed at the time of return. They can also be recycled.
Courier Zones

 *Please check you are within our delivery radius.

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