Cold-Pressed Juice & Milk Combo Box


Everything we make, we prepare fresh, and you’ll only find the purest ingredients from Mama Earth in our Cold-Pressed Juice & Nut Milk Combo Box. You will receive three each of the freshest cold-pressed juices and delicious nut milk we have available on the day of delivery.

Cold-Pressed Juice We make fresh juice. It’s made from organic local produce — cold-pressed, unpasteurised. It tastes great. And it will make you feel really good. When you drink cold-pressed juice, you’re flooding your body with a high dose of antioxidant-rich nutrients and enzymes, supporting your immune system and helping to eliminate bloating. 

Nut Milk We soak raw, organic nuts overnight — activated for optimal nutrition and absorption and gently pressed in the morning. Then we add some superfoods, and we have the most delicious, vibrant nut milk ever! And unlike conventional nut milk, we use a higher nut to water ratio, so you’re receiving more nuts and more nutrients.

This Juice box contains:

  • 3 x 250ml delicious nut milks.
  • 3 x 250ml of the freshest cold-pressed juices we have available on the day of delivery.

You will receive a maximum of two of any single cold-pressed juice or nut milk.



Please note 2 days notice required

  • All Cold-Pressed Juice & Milk Boxes are now sent out by evening courier at no additional cost (provided you live within our delivery radius). Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius
  • Delivery is available Monday evening to Friday evening, (excluding public holidays).
  • The bottles - we sanitise and reuse these. Please rinse and return to Little Bird Kitchen for a $1 per bottle cafe credit*. Credit must be redeemed at the time of return. They can also be recycled.
Courier Zones

 *Please check you are within our delivery radius.

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